Thursday, June 21, 2007

Radio silence

Well, that three week span in Italy and London just flew by. When you're as connected as M and I are, it's easy to assume that the whole world has broadband. As it stood, we had in Italy only a dial-up computer infected with about every type of spyware out there. I managed to get it clean before I left, but it seriously hampered our online ability.

Italy was awesome. We fly to South Africa tonight. More later.
Rich Armstrong
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Sir James E. Watkins said...

You have some very cool photos of your travels here. I can only dream of traveling at this point, to this extent, anyway.

Please. Join us for a poetic experience of sights and sounds:

Vicarious Trekker said...


I'm glad you made it out of Italy. It looked rough. What's with the picture of the feet? And speaking of cheese, Stilton Cheese in Italy?

I hope all is going well. Emma and Gus loved looking at the pictures. If you get a chance and you have the extra room in your luggage, Emma would like you to bring her home that Giraffe you promised...

Miss you both.